Austar Toy Haulers covers you with a 2-year structural warranty cover, with an addition of all parts having their individual warranty cover. The warranty period commences from the date you pick up your Toy Hauler, giving you peace of mind on your travel and adventures. Our Cover includes workmanship and materials against defects, including coverage for interior and exterior components.

For your warranty repairs we work with a range of authorised repair centres around the country for your convenience and contentment. All warranty work is carried out with no out of pocket fees. Unless Repairs have been undertaken by unauthorised repairers it will not be covered under our warranty; cover will only be approved if authorization has been provided by Austar Toy Haulers.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

The Warranty will not apply in certain circumstances, including if the Toy hauler has been:

  • Used for a purpose other than which it was designed;
  • In an accident; or
  • Towed by a vehicle other than a standard passenger vehicle.
  • Impact or stone damage to body, chassis or running gear.
  • Water damage due to water crossings.
  • Movement or damage caused by dislodgment of appliances and fittings resulting from hard impact or heavy landings or severely rutted roads or tracks.
  • General damage arising from misuse.
  • The Warranty does not extend to maintenance items which are the responsibility of the purchaser

The Warranty will also not extend to specific types of damage including: 

  • wear and tear when the toy hauler used for permanent living purposes;
  • tears, punctures, and fading to fabric items; or
  • damage caused by alterations or repairs being undertaken by an unauthorized repairer.
  • Austar Toy Haulers are designed for off road activity and living not of permanent residency. Therefore, under this warranty general wear and tear will not be covered.
  • The design of the Austar Toy Hauler is built to be towed with nothing other than passenger vehicles and will not be covered under the warranty if towed with any other vehicle which many include commercial trucks due to harsh suspension carry weight rather than towing.

What is Covered under the 2-Year Structural Warranty

  • Austar toy hauler manufactured walls and roofs (warranty limited to cracking, pitting and deformed cladding).
  • Covers workmanship and materials against defects.
  • All warranty work carried out free of charge.
  • Available to original owner only.
  • Some exclusions, terms and conditions apply.

Appliance and Parts Warranty

If any problems arise with any appliance or additional parts that Austar does not supply they will have their individual warranty and will be covered through the supplier. Therefore, for any problem of these item they should be directly contacted and the supplier will deal with any faulty or warranty issues of these items.

Owners Responsibility

It is solely the Austar Toy Hauler owner’s responsibility of the regular maintenance and care of their RV. Note: Warranty is only covered for the original purchaser of the Austar Toy Hauler; and begins cover from the date of purchase.