“The future is with Austar Toy-Haulers, where your adventure begins”

At Austar we are passionate for what we do, we are dedicated to our valued customers desires. We are in this journey with you as we love our adventure and outdoor hobbies as much as you do; you choose the lifestyle we will supply the journey for you.

Our ambition is to serve our loyal customers with success providing stylish, modern and high-quality finished Toy-Haulers.

What makes it even better you will not be breaking the bank with our affordable prices. Our budget friendly prices allow every individual the opportunity to own a Toy hauler and enjoy the fine details, whilst exploring the beauty of their adventure all around Australia on wheels.

We use the latest programs including 3D modelling via the latest 3d simulation software for all our structure and furniture designs.

We have many options to choose from, turn your Toy-Hauler to something special and personal to suit your needs and wants.