Austar Toy-Hauler is a family owned company. We have been in the automotive engineering industry for over 20 years, this passion has grown over the years and inspired us to become Australia’s only Toy-Hauler specialist.

Austar has sparked with the passion of our families automotive engineering background, along with our dream to explore Australia with our family accommodating for ourselves and all our toys in a comfortable and modern designed toy-hauler. This dream was the first step to guide us in 2005 to enter the Toy-Hauler industry, we are committed to make this success grow and make a difference to our valued toy-hauler lovers. 

We offer versatile unique models that can be used in remote places for camping, work purposes, off road activities, along with many other outdoor recreational hobbies.

We are 100% Australian based all our toy-haulers are manufactured in Melbourne and our materials are all built in house.

Our Melbourne based factory boasts the latest high-tech machinery to produce our toy-haulers components, we ensure a high-quality finished product.

All our units are professionally engineered and is fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and Industry Standards.